We are moving!

We are moving!

July 21st, 2016 by Scottsdale Cat Clinic


Exciting News

Thanks to our wonderful clients, Scottsdale Cat Clinic has continued to grow, and we’ve finally pushed beyond the space in our current location. We are very pleased to announce that soon, we will be moving to a new location in Scottsdale. In March, we purchased a building and after much discussion with architects, staff and other experts we will soon start renovating the new Scottsdale Cat Clinic. In its former life, our building was a lawyer’s office, pleasant enough, but completely unsuited to be a veterinary clinic. This means we will completely remodel the interior, and we can create the perfect space for caring for all of our special patients.

We are excited to tell you about some of the new features you can expect at the new and improved Scottsdale Cat Clinic:

• More exam rooms to provide better service to you during appointments.
• More boarding space including a playroom for the cats.
• A separate dental suite to keep all of our patients’ pearly whites healthy.
• Our own parking lot!

Behind the scenes we will be mapping the layout to better separate the various tasks we perform. The new clinic will be quieter and calmer for your cats. We will also have improved labs, pharmacy and work-stations for all the staff.

Our new building is located at the northeast corner of Chaparral and Granite Reef. It will be closer to the 101 and easier to access for most of our clients. If you drive by, you may start to see some work there as we clean up the landscaping and paint the building. We plan on keeping you constantly updated with news and photos as we move along. Plan for a big party in the fall!