at home dental health tips for cats

3 At Home Cat Dental Care Tips

Written by: Judy Karnia, DVM We discussed how important your cat’s dental health is in preventing dental disease. Now let’s talk about dental home care, another incredibly important component of your cat’s dental health. Dental cleanings are one part, but without dental home care, your cat will likely need more frequent dental

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The Importance of Feline Dental Health

Written by: Judy Karnia, DVM Have you ever actually looked at your cat’s teeth? When they are yawning, you might glimpse their teeth but probably not get a great look. Believe it or not, dental disease is one of the most common diseases in cats. Sure, obesity and kidney disease are fairly

hidden dental diseases in cats

Hidden Dental Diseases That May Be Causing Your Cat Pain

Written by: Judy Karnia, DVM Dental disease affects all cats at some point in their lives. For at least half of cats, this includes painful resorptive lesions in one or more teeth. With these lesions, the enamel of the tooth is eroded away exposing the pulp of the tooth. The pulp contains the

why anesthesia-free dental cleaning is bad for cats and dogs

Why Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleanings are Bad for Your Pet

Written by: Judy Karnia, DVM A few years ago in a Dental Health Month blog, we briefly discussed the troubling use of anesthesia-free dentistry for pets. Since then, this procedure – also known as Nonprofessional Dental Scaling (NPDS) – has become increasingly popular with well-meaning owners who understand the importance of dental