Scottsdale Cat Clinic Welcomes New Families!

New Clients

Cats are sensitive animals. As both hunters and prey, they are exceptionally attuned to their surroundings. When ill or injured, those sensitivities are even greater.

When cats visit a traditional veterinary clinic, they are confronted with the sights and smells of a potential predator: dogs. Their health already compromised, these cats sense a potential threat and the increased stress can do more harm to their fragile state.

Scottsdale Cat Clinic offers a less stressful, more soothing environment for your cat. Our reception room is quiet, with just the low sounds of classical music that has been shown to lower stress levels in cats, and our staff is well trained in handling and caring for cats in a manner that makes them feel comfortable and safe.

Since we practice on cats exclusively, all of our training and continuing education centers on just this one species. We know one animal and we know that animal very, very well.

We invite you to visit our clinic, speak with our veterinary team, and allow us to welcome your cat into our extended family. If you have any questions, please contact our quality staff today.