Our Practice

We are a full-service cat hospital providing comprehensive cat healthcare services in Scottsdale, AZ. Our veterinarians offer a wide variety of medical, surgical, and dental services. Our hospital has advanced equipment and technologies, including comprehensive in-house testing for accurate diagnosis, digital x-ray, surgical suites, dental suites, and a pharmacy. We are committed to providing quality care at every stage of your cat's life. From routine preventive care to early detection and treatment of a wide range of conditions and diseases, we have the expertise to provide the highest standard of care for your cat. We also serve Paradise Valley, Tempe, Mesa, Phoenix, Gilbert, Fountain Hills, and Chandler.

  • Dr. Judy Karnia, DVM


    I was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, the youngest of eleven children born to a Polish father and German mother. After my twelve years of Catholic education, I attended Northwestern University where I majored in Classics and was captain of the guard for the Northwestern University Marching Band.

    I’ve been a practicing veterinarian since 1994 when I graduated with honors from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. As a student at Illinois, I worked extensively with wildlife, holding an assistantship in the college’s Wildlife Ward where I helped rehabilitate injured and ill wildlife such as hawks, kestrels, turtles and raccoons. I also completed an externship at the Cincinnati Zoo, and after graduation, continued to do some veterinary work for the Center for the Reproduction of Endangered Wildlife housed at the Cincinnati Zoo

    After graduation, I went into private practice, working at veterinary hospitals in Cincinnati, Oak Park, Illinois and Omaha. For much of this time, I was working as an associate in exclusively feline practices. But in between private practice stints, I also worked as a veterinarian for the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago and the Nebraska Humane Society in Omaha.

    After bouncing around the Midwest as my husband completed his Ph.D. and worked a few peripatetic jobs, we moved to Scottsdale. We had fallen in love with Arizona on a trip out to Sedona. When the Nebraska winters decimated our roof for the second year in a row, we decided to pursue our infatuation with Arizona. Now, when I’m not working at the clinic, I can be found hiking throughout this beautiful state. I also enjoy running. I’ve completed three marathons, but believe those long distances are a thing of the past. Now it’s mostly 10k’s and smaller races. I read a fair amount of contemporary literature in order to understand what my husband does, and enjoy jazz and other live music. Thursday nights I frequently can be found wandering the Scottsdale Galleries at the ArtWalk.

    I’m married to Scott Hermanson, a writer and sometime teacher of English. We have a young daughter, whom you will probably meet at the clinic, and a ball python, whom you may just as well not meet.

    My professional life prior to opening the Scottsdale Cat Clinic has given me a wide range of experience in addition to my expertise in feline medicine. I’ve been especially involved in diagnosing and treating geriatric cats. As a practice owner, I’m very committed to keeping myself and my staff updated and educated about the most current state of veterinary medicine. We all look forward to working with you and caring for your cat.

  • Dr. Cindy Menke, DVM

    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr. Menke started her career working with animals at an early age, growing up on a dairy farm in central Wisconsin.  While her “official” duties may have been feeding the cows and helping with milking, her favorite job was always taking care of the many barn cats that always made the family farm their home.

    She started veterinary school training at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  After getting married to her husband Dave, who was in the Air Force at the time, they moved out to North Carolina. There she finished her degree at North Carolina State University in 2002.

    She practiced for a year in North Carolina before moving back to the Midwest.  She continued her medical career at a small animal hospital in Wilmette, Illinois where she was on staff for 17 years, eventually becoming the Chief of Staff.

    Ever since her early days on the dairy farm, her passion has been feline medicine. While she does love her adorable canine friends, the special bond she has developed with her feline patients, the unique way in which they communicate their needs and concerns, and often the special way in which those needs are best addressed, has driven her to try and rise to the challenge that cats provide.  In her former practice she was proud to be the person the other doctors would turn to when cats with more challenging medical problems would come in.

    She has a special interest in abdominal ultrasound, dentistry, senior wellness, and helping owners maintain an enriched indoor environment for their feline family members.

    Outside of work, she enjoys being outdoors. Whether gardening, going for a bike ride or hiking, just seeing sunshine and blue skies make her happy. Dave, her two cats, Spencer and Chewie, and Dr. Menke are all looking forward to their new adventure in Arizona.

  • Dr. Luke Fitch, DVM


    Dr. Luke was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona where his parents exposed him to a wide assortment of pets: cats of course, but also dogs, various rodents, reptiles, and fish. From a very young age, he started thinking about a career with animals. The summer before his freshman year of high school, he began volunteering at two local cat clinics. He continued working with the cats until graduating and moving down to Tucson to attend the University of Arizona. Now fully committed to a career in veterinary medicine, Dr. Luke obtained his bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science. After graduation, he worked as a veterinary technician in a small animal practice before moving back up to Phoenix to complete his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at Midwestern University.

    Dr. Luke has always loved working with cats, and he is very excited to have the opportunity to be part of a feline exclusive practice. While he enjoys all aspects of feline medicine, his special interests include anesthesia and pain management, metabolic disease, neurology, and preventative care. Away from work, he is an avid hockey fan and enjoys spending time with his wonderful fiancée and their three cats, Nani, Baby Jack, and Spaz.

  • Dr. Juliane Daggett-Vondras, DVM


    Dr. Juliane Daggett-Vondras is a native Arizonan, born and raised in the greater Phoenix area. Growing up, she had always lived with cats and was fascinated with discovering how they think. Her career, however, did not initially head towards veterinary medicine. She started her professional life in cancer diagnostic and profiling laboratory studies, with the plan to obtain her Ph.D. in immune system research. Experiencing the death of her young pet cat changed her trajectory and set her on the path to becoming a veterinarian.

    Dr. Daggett was in the first graduating class at Midwestern University in Glendale, receiving her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2018. While at Midwestern, she helped establish the Feline Medicine Club and served as Vice President. For a brief spell, she also worked as a technician at Scottsdale Cat Clinic while studying for her DVM. After graduating, she began her veterinary career as a general practitioner before moving to work at Arizona State University. Yet she always loved and missed her feline patients in the private sector. Now, as a veterinarian at Scottsdale Cat Clinic, she focuses on improving the daily general health of her patients and making sure they have the proper environmental enrichment.

    Away from the clinic, she enjoys painting, video games, gardening, running and hiking. She married her husband Matt in 2019, waiting until after graduation to worry about a wedding. Beside Juliane and Matt, her current household also includes her dog Trixie, her three cats–Aesop, Cody and Landon–a Russian tortoise named Rasputin, Spock the leopard gecko, Ernie the betta fish, and two snails–Spot and Stripe.

  • Scott Hermanson

    Practice Manager

    In 2005, she moved to Scottsdale after falling in love with Arizona on a trip out to Sedona. Now, she can often be found hiking throughout this beautiful state. She has been a runner since high school and completed three marathons. She is an avid reader and enjoys jazz and other live music. She also loves to travel throughout the US and in Europe. She even ventured to Japan to play Taiko music, which has been an enjoyable pursuit for the past several years.

    She is married to Scott Hermanson, our practice manager who writes fiction in his spare time. She has a daughter who will be a famous writer one day and a ball python who may live forever.

    Her professional life prior to opening the Scottsdale Cat Clinic has given her a wide range of experience in addition to her expertise in feline medicine. She especially enjoys diagnosing and treating geriatric cats and in helping cats of all ages have happier and healthier lives.

  • Katrina Guell, CVT

    Head Technician

    Katrina joined the clinic in July of 2008. She graduated from ASU with a Bachelors degree in Agribusiness with a concentration in PreVeterinary Medicine. She moved from Hawaii to the valley in 1988 and is currently living in Mesa with her husband Daniel and her son Ash. Her animals, Tank the dog, and Fred the parrot, keep her plenty busy when she is not working at the clinic or volunteering her time at Liberty Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. In 2011 she received her certification as a Veterinary Technician.

  • Laura

    Veterinary Technician

    Laura joined the Scottsdale Cat Clinic team in December of 2015.  She has worked almost exclusively in feline-only clinics since 2006. Though she loves all animals, this experience has strengthened her lifelong passion for cats.  An Arizona native, she currently lives in Mesa with her longtime boyfriend Rob and their kitty named Biscuits.

  • Anna

    Veterinary Technician

    Anna was born and raised in Arizona, a true native of the state. She graduated from Long Technical College in 2000 and has been working with all types of animals since then. She joined Scottsdale Cat Clinic in 2017 and is excited to focus on her favorite animal, the furry feline.

    Away from the clinic, she likes to spend time with her family and friends. She enjoys going to see movies and walking through the Desert Botanical Gardens. With her two chihuahuas, Chaquita and Yodi next to her, she likes to binge-watch shows on Netflix.

  • Kara

    Veterinary Technician

    Kara graduated from Mesa Community College and is now working on her getting her CVT certification. An Arizona native, she has been a cat lover her entire life and is excited to have found Scottsdale Cat Clinic where she can devote her love and skills to cats. She enjoys going to the movies, traveling, playing video games and attending the many festivals Arizona has to offer. She shares her home with four cats, a saltwater aquarium, a red tail boa and a frog. During cooler months, she enjoys taking shelter dogs on hikes.

  • Amber

    Veterinary Technician

    Amber grew up in Wisconsin and moved to Arizona. During the transition, she found a love for hiking, camping, and spending time in the outdoors. She lives in Tempe with her boyfriend Dylan and their two kitties, Nala and Mufasa. She has been an animal lover her whole life and loves being a veterinary technician. When she’s not working, she still loves to do as much rescue and volunteer work as she can. Her life motto is Cats & Coffee.

  • Eugenia

    Veterinary Technician

  • Erin

    Veterinary Assistant

    Erin is a graduate from Pima Medical Institute’s Veterinary Assistant program and couldn’t be more thrilled to be amongst people who are as crazy about cats as she is. When she’s not at the clinic, Erin can be found swing dancing, playing guitar, and attending a variety of theatre and live music events around Phoenix. After long days, she is more than happy to come home to her favorite feline companion, Dennis, her one-eyed orange tabby.

  • Shelby

    Veterinary Assistant

  • Tara Donnelly

    Head Receptionist

    Tara has lived in Scottsdale since 1978. Finding a cat-only clinic that embraced her two special cats was the solution she was looking for when she discovered Scottsdale Cat Clinic. Both of her kitties are happy and healthy as well as current patients of the clinic. Tara’s family includes Rob, her human companion, the cats, Jack, a grey tabby, Char-Char, a handsome black short-hair mix and her dog, Gracie, a black and tan Australian mix, who keeps the family on their toes.

  • Diana


    Diana has been a cat lover her entire life. She has not lived without a furry feline friend since she was five years old. She found Scottsdale Cat Clinic several years ago when she was looking for help with one of her kitties and has been a client ever since. She has lived in Scottsdale since 1978, and her hobbies include cooking, photography, and jewelry making.  She lives with her husband, Justin and her two kitties Lilith and Bubba.

  • Erin O


    Erin has been a member of the Scottsdale Cat Clinic team since the beginning of 2020 and is happier than ever to have found her people. Taking on her role in reception inspired Erin to pursue a career in veterinary medicine; she is currently a student at Pima Medical Institute studying to become a technician. On a day off, you may find her exploring hiking areas in northern Arizona with her partner, Austin, and their pup, Penny, or taking on any number of creative projects at home. Additionally, Erin shares her home with six feline companions– Diana, Mr. Bingley, Emerson, Ciri, Sadie, and Archer. Erin is thrilled to bits to have made the decision to dedicate her life to great veterinary medicine and truly believes Scottsdale Cat Clinic to be the best possible place to begin her journey.