Kitten Care as Unique as Your Pet

Preventative Care

At Scottsdale Cat Clinic, we understand that each kitten has a unique lifestyle and that he or she will grow to become an intricate member of your family. Our veterinarians will work with you to develop the best preventive measures to take to keep your pet happy and healthy for a lifetime.

Physical Exams for Kittens

Your kitten will grow very rapidly in his or her first year of life, so close monitoring is important to ensure proper development. At each checkup, our veterinarians will monitor weight and vital signs as we check your pet from nose to tail.

Kitten Vaccinations

We use only the safest and most effective vaccinations that have been proven to avoid vaccine reactions. Our doctors will help you evaluate your kitten’s need for immunizations and to select only the protection that he or she needs based on individual risk factors.

A common vaccination schedule for kittens includes:

  • FVRCP vaccine combination—This vaccine protects against several different illnesses, including rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia or feline distemper. The FVRCP vaccine is administered beginning at 7–8 weeks of age with boosters every 3–4 weeks until the kitten is 16 weeks old. As adults, boosters are given yearly to every three years.
  • Feline leukemia —Kittens are given the vaccine at 9 weeks of age and receive one booster 3–4 weeks later. As adults, the vaccine is given yearly.
  • Rabies – Between 12–14 weeks of age, kittens are given the first rabies vaccination. As adults, rabies vaccination is given every year.

Parasite Prevention

Most kittens are exposed to intestinal parasites by their mother or the environment. We recommend fecal screening and routine deworming of new kittens to protect your pet and your family from infection.

Spaying and Neutering Your Cat

Between four and five months of age, we recommend your cat is spayed or neutered. Spaying and neutering not only prevents unwanted litters of kittens and helps with population control, it also has numerous health benefits to your cat including eliminating cancers of the reproductive organs and deterring male wandering and marking of territory.

Microchip Identification

At the time of your cat’s neutering or spaying, we recommend you have your cat microchipped. Microchips are inserted under the skin and can be scanned to correctly identify the pet’s owner and to gain his or her contact information so the pet can be returned to its home.

Affordable Kitten Care Packages

Because of the added energy and expense a new kitten brings to a family, we have created kitten care packages that can make the first visits and routine costs more affordable.

At Scottsdale Cat Clinic, we love to meet your new kittens and to watch them grow into the healthy and integral members of your family. If you have any questions about the care we will provide to your new pet, please contact our helpful team.