Comfortable Boarding Options for Scottsdale Cat Clinic Patients

Veterinary Services

Cats are cautious and sensitive animals, and owners can often have difficulty finding boarding options that are both comfortable and engaging. Because Scottsdale Cat Clinic specializes in feline care, our boarding facility is well designed to make cats feel at home.

Kitty Kennel Options

Our standard cat cottages are designed to each have three climbing levels and a separate boxed-in area for the litter pan. Each cat can have a window to the outside for enjoying a higher level of activity or a cage without a window if they become frightened easily.

We also offer horizontal kennels that are spacious and well designed for older cats that have difficulty moving or climbing. These kennels are also designed to be more secluded for timid cats.

Medical Boarding

For cats who are in need of additional monitoring for health conditions or who need regular medications, Scottsdale Cat Clinic offers medical boarding. Our veterinary technicians administer medications and monitor these cats more closely and our doctors are available to address any changes in health status.

If you are need of a safe, comfortable, and caring environment for your cat while you are away, contact the Scottsdale Cat Clinic to make a reservation today.