Quality, Gentle Dental Care for Cats of Scottsdale, Tempe & Phoenix AZ

Veterinary Services

At Scottsdale Cat Clinic, we understand that good dental health is more than a healthy smile for cats. Healthy teeth and gums help to keep a cat in excellent overall health too.

Like so many other cat ailments, dental problems can go undetected until the pain is so severe or the infection has spread so completely that the cat can barely function. This is because, in the wild, cats have learned to hide signs of pain and disease so they do not attract the attention of predators. While this works great in the wild, our domestic cats can be greatly harmed by hiding their discomfort.

Cats can also experience a variety of feline dental diseases such as tooth fractures, gum disease, and a common condition called feline tooth resorption.

Our doctors have recommendations to ensure the dental health of your cats.

At Home Dental Care for Cats

Just like for humans, good feline oral health begins at home. Unlike humans though, cats depend on their families to provide the dental care they need.

  • Brushing a cat’s teeth—When cats are systematically taught to accept brushing the teeth, they come to accept it as part of the daily routine. Our helpful staff and doctors can work with you on techniques to ease the process.
  • Dental diets—Cats who have persistent dental health issues may benefit from a prescriptive diet designed to reduce plaque buildup and encourage healthy gums. Ask one of our veterinarians if a dental diet may be helpful to your cat.
  • Oral gels and rinses—Products have been developed that can reduce plaque buildup and the need for more invasive dental care in cats. We carry oral gels and rinses that can be regularly applied to your cat’s teeth and added to drinking water to help prevent tooth decay.
  • Dental chews for cats—A chewy treat that also cleans your cat’s teeth can be still another tool for building healthy teeth and gums.

In-Clinic Dental Care for Cats

While much can be done at home to prevent oral health issues in cats, at times in-clinic care is needed. Our clinic is equipped to provide full cleaning and scaling under very safe anesthesia for cats. Sedation is necessary, as cleaning below the gum line can be painful and cause the cat considerable fear if attempted while he or she is awake.

As with all surgical procedures performed at our clinic, cats under anesthesia are monitored by a veterinary technician who remains with them throughout the procedure and until they are completely awake.

Every cat that has a dental cleaning at Scottsdale Cat Clinic also undergoes complete digital X-rays to check for problems below the gums.

Any need for extractions is followed up by therapeutic laser sessions to speed healing, reduce inflammation, and decrease pain.

Additional Recommendations

Because cats are experts at hiding pain and illness, we always recommend a full physical exam on every cat every six months. Our veterinary team will check your cat from nose to tail and will help you to avert major problems resulting from minor curable issues.

If you have any questions about cat dental care or your cat’s health, please contact our knowledgeable team.