Gentle Guidance for Tough Decisions: End-of-Life Care for Scottsdale Cats

Veterinary Services

Scottsdale Cat Clinic builds strong relationships with the families of our patients, so we understand how difficult end-of-life care decisions can be. As cat owners ourselves, we know the special nature of the human–pet bond and the desire to do what is best for your four-legged family member.

Hospice Care for Cats

Making your cat’s last part of life as comfortable as possible is our focus when considering hospice care. Much research and many advances have been made in pain management and treatment options for cats, and our team remains abreast of the latest and best medicines and technologies.

When cats have chronic conditions, we can often prolong good quality life through pain management, appetite stimulants, fluids, and other treatments that will keep the cat comfortable and maintaining his or her normal activities.

However, cats are experts at hiding pain. In the wild, cats hide pain to avoid the attention of predators, which works well for this purpose, but as domesticated animals, this behavior can keep the human family from realizing a cat’s discomfort.

Bringing the aging cat in for regular exams is of utmost importance so we can monitor how he or she is doing and catch any signs of discomfort that might not be detected at home.

We also encourage cat owners to be proactive when noticing any changes in behavior or symptoms. Oftentimes, what is thought to be signs of aging, can actually be signs of an ailment that can be cured.

Cat Quality of Life

Throughout your cat’s aging process, we will help you monitor his or her quality of life and any actions you can take to maintain comfort levels. Each cat and family situation is different, so evaluating when quality of life is suffering is a very individual process. Some of the questions we consider when evaluating a pet’s quality of life include:

  • Is the pet’s pain well managed?
  • Can he or she comfortably move about?
  • Does the cat show interest in favorite activities?
  • Can the cat eat and drink well enough to maintain energy?
  • Has he or she lost bowel or bladder control?
  • Does the cat have difficulty breathing?

This website can also be helpful in assessing your pet’s quality of life, but always contact our team when you have questions or concerns about your pet’s condition.


Should the time come when euthanasia is the most humane option, our compassionate veterinary team will provide a comfortable environment that is sensitive to your family’s needs. Because we are a cats-only practice, our clinic remains quiet and comforting for your cat.

Throughout the procedure, our veterinarians will take the time you need to answer any of your questions. You are welcome to remain with your cat if you so desire, and we will ensure he or she is treated with the greatest respect before, during, and following euthanasia.

We offer cremation services through Entrusted Pet Cremation, and we will make a donation to the Phoenix Zoo in honor of your cat.

Scottsdale Cat Clinic is committed to providing gentle guidance through the tough decisions associated with end-of-life cat care. If we can be of service to your family, please contact our helpful staff.