Providing Wellness Care for Cats in Phoenix AZ

Veterinary Services

As all cat owners know, cats are unique animals that thrive in environments that engage their curious nature. Scottsdale Cat Clinic is sensitive to the individual needs of cats, and our veterinary team can provide you with strategies and resources to enhance his or her environment.

Cat Nutrition

Cats are carnivores, and they need proteins more than carbohydrates. A good cat nutritional plan provides these proteins along with a means for keeping the teeth and gums healthy.

Because cats differ on breed, age, home life, and activity levels, finding the best nutritional options is very individualistic. When your cat comes in for his or her regular exams, our team will help you select the best products for your cat.

For your convenience, we stock high quality maintenance cat foods from Royal Canin and Purina, as well as prescription diets from these companies and from Hill’s Science Diet to assist with a variety of cat medical conditions.

Interactive Cat Environments

Recent research has shown that cats suffer stress when they are left in environments that do not engage their highly curious and creative nature. Many cat owners can attest to behavioral issues, and veterinarians see health issues that are a direct result of environments that lack interactivity.

Our veterinary team has information and strategies to share with cat owners to increase the level of interaction in a cat’s home, including:

  • Cat toys that stimulate thinking
  • Furniture designed for cat comfort
  • Activity and play suggestions for increased interaction
  • Designing the home environment considering cat behavior
  • Behavior modification strategies

If you have questions about your cat’s home environment or behaviors that may benefit from a more interactive setting, please speak with our veterinary team.